Dr Georgina Hibbert Highly Specialist Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist
Dr Georgina HibbertHighly Specialist Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist

Assessments and interventions

Georgina specialises in working with:


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Adolescent issues

  • Eating/sleeping and behavioural issues in young children

  • Complex childhood trauma

  • Cognitive testing

  • Assessments for Autistic Spectrum Disorder

  • Assessments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


What to expect

Georgina will carry out an assessment which will usually involve the young person and their parent/carer.  Depending on the complexity of the problem, this will take between one and three sessions.  It may involve liaising with schools if the difficulties are also school-based.  Consent will always be obtained for this prior to any contact being made. Following the assessment, a therapeutic package will be offered.



Therapeutic packages

These could involve one or a mixture of:

  1. Direct individual work with the young person.This would involve drawing on a range of psychological models including CBT, narrative, systemic and DDP.

  2. Parent support sessions - this will involving working with parents to offer advice and management strategies for behavioural difficulties.

  3. Parent-child work – this will involve working with a child alongside their parent, often to aid better communication.

  4. Attachment-based parent and child sessions – the focus of these sessions is to facilitate the formation of secure attachments.  It involves specialist skills in working with children and their carer/parent and is beneficial for traumatised children, children in care, or children who have struggled to bond with a parent.

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